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A Dash Of Different: Five Fun Twists On Coffee And Tea

One of the genius details about coffee and tea is just how flexible they are. You can really come up with almost anything. …Almost. I really don’t want to read the news one of these days and find out liquid gold is now being called the ‘new espresso’.

I keep an eye on stories like these because I want innovation to be just as fun as it is necessary. Stories on climate change and the impact it leaves on entire livelihoods is an essential conversation, yes, but it’s also a little draining. Making the world a better place to live means embracing it all. Change as complex as coming up with new farming methods…as well as thinking about how to chill coffee quicker. Change as vital as planting millions of trees in one day, as well as a faster, cuter way of recycling.

Let’s take a look at some recent developments in coffee and tea, from low-calorie alcoholic tea varieties to caffeinated popsicles.

Snapchilled Iced Coffee

Coffee’s a drink regularly consumed on-the-go. If it gets any faster it’ll snap the sound barrier.

While just shy of time travel worthy, snapchilled iced coffee gives you the convenience of a fresh brew with the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed of modern technology. What’s especially interesting is how much this method still differs from more familiar menu items. It’s less watered down than iced coffee (where ice is dunked into hot espresso) and quicker to make than cold brew (specifically strained and chilled for several hours).

It’s something I’d like to try, if only for the novelty.

Caffeinated Popsicles

There are several weeks left of long summer nights and bright, happy days. I plan on enjoying it to the fullest! …Even though it’s so muggy I can’t sleep.

While caffeinated popsicles are not a very recent development, they’re nonetheless a cold, fun way to get your caffeine fix while beating the heat. Not that I would particularly know about that, since I also avoid caffeine like the plague. There are endless varieties to choose from, from espresso and chocolate to cold brew.

Boozy Tea

Now this is what I call a hallelujah. While this isn’t the first time I’ve looked at mixing up different drink varieties, boozy tea offers even more incentive to step out of the box.

When I tell you I’m a huge fan of drinks, I mean it. Alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, water filled with those little sugar-free flavor droplets…just give me a good drink and I’m in heaven. No meal feels complete without one! Knowing that boozy tea can give me a pleasant buzz without worrying about calories is the kind of win-win I can’t get enough of.

Boba Tea Disposal

Who said enjoyment just had to be the flavor? Bubble tea is a treat I absolutely love, hence why this little bit of news caught my eye. The only thing better than a unique and delicious creation is being environmentally responsible.

With boba tea still one of the best selling drinks throughout Asia, it stands to reason it would start running into some…interesting difficulties. The often large size of the drinks has made it incompatible with many easy waste facilities designed for small cans and bottles. This new trash bin is crafted explicitly for the clunky boba tea cup and is already seeing a lot of positive feedback among boba fans and casual drinkers alike.

Weed Infused Iced Tea

A good buzz doesn’t have to be limited to caffeine and alcohol. Now you can get your fix while you get your fix.

This is a new development by the popular Arizona brand, which will later extend beyond tea to soda, coffee and lemonade. The jury’s still out on how good it’ll taste — since even tiny tweaks can completely change the flavor of a tea — but I’ll be keeping an eye nonetheless. Weed’s been going through a lot of regulatory ups and downs and this new tea will, no doubt, spark some fresh conversation.

Have you found any interesting spins on coffee and tea lately? Anything on here you feel like trying?

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