It was one day I realized one of my life’s most powerful tools was at the bottom of my cup.

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Coffee, tea and alcohol trickles into everything I do. No matter where I’ve found myself over the years, that half-full mug has eternally rested in the corner of my eye. Considering the bumpy road of my life, that’s no mean feat.

I’ve worked as an interpreter. I’ve worked as a barista (several times). I’ve worked as a commercial illustrator (and still do). I’ve gone to community college. I’ve traveled across the country. I’ve moved over eighteen times in my life, in fact. The unifying thread between all of these minor and major steps…has been a reliable love for a cozy drink. The simple pleasure of a hot mug of goodness between my fingertips has been an indispensable tool for grounding my creative mind and redirecting my stress. Often times? It’d be the only thing keeping me from nodding off at my desk.

The foundation of why we grow, roast and brew…they’re all around us.

Reoccurring feelings of peace or ambition transform into rituals. They proceed to buoy us through the good times and the tough times, one steam cloud and cinnamon whisper at a time. I want to keep digging through these deeper connections. Those seeds we plant to grow these personal rituals. Family, hardship, joy, community, good old-fashioned ‘just trying to stay awake’…they’re all valid and they’re all fantastic.

Life’s little joys go even further than we give them credit for.

The health benefits of wine, coffee and tea and their staggeringly high market growth rates are simply the icing on the cake (or the foam on the latte, if you will). Enjoying these perks start with questions that follow you out of the grocery store and into the roastery. Whether you’re here to learn more about the nature of creating wine, coffee and tea — or are wondering which ways the winds are blowing — you’re already on your way to touching base with who you are.

Here I summarize industry news, analyze social trends and get down and dirty with the delicious art of alcohol, coffee and tea. I update once a week, with the occasional extra post tossed in.

My years of experience as a business writer mixes with my years of experience as a barista, interpreter, illustrator and more to help businesses get a foothold in today’s content flurry. Longform content, microcontent, e-mail marketing, newsletters, SEO…just like there are many ways to enjoy a good drink, so too are there many ways to reach out to people. Do you need to update your content marketing strategy or improve brand awareness? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

I also review music once in a while, with an emphasis on promoting lesser-known groups and musicians that could use more attention. Who knows? You might just find the next perfect song to go with your favorite cup of chai.

Fill up your mug, kick up your feet and enjoy some tunes. There’s a lot to discover.

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