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It’s All In The Wrist: How Much Does The Coffee Brewing Method Matter For The Final Cup?

We all have our own little rituals when it comes to coffee.

Some folk just have to make theirs at home. The baristas can never seem to get it right! Others aren’t too picky and just want to get as much caffeine into their system as possible before the morning rush. No pomp, no circumstance. Contrary to what you may hear, the art of the subtle details can be bought…and this is where better equipment comes into play.

There are a few new products hitting the shelves for commercial coffee shops to take advantage of and really bring out the best in their brew. You have the Nitro Infuser, for starters, summarized nicely by Daily Coffee News as an ideal tool to bring out the crisp edge to cold drinks. Cold brew, chilled lattes, you name it. You’ve also got some shiny new coffee grinders rattled off by, like the Baratza Vario Burr Grinder with the built-in French press. Fancy!

french press

You can even take things a step further with a scale. The Acaia Interactive Coffee Brewing Scale is designed to whittle down a latte into a virtual math equation, helping you figure out everything from weight to temperature. It’s often used for making new recipes, though it can be supplemented next to the day-to-day mixing process, as well. Whether you’re a small brewer or a local brand looking to expand, this might just make the difference for your regular visitors.

Working as a barista had me picking up all sorts of little techniques that helped a drink taste better: whether a customer consciously realized it or not! How long espresso shots sit before being dunked into the cup and swirled around with the goodness was a big one. The difference between freshly ground shots and shots that have lingered in the portafilter was another. It’s incredible all the tiny touches that separate a passable purchase from a drink that has you draining your cup for the last drop.

What about you? What kind of morning rituals or afternoon must-haves make your cup of joe sing?

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