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Alternative Rock

I’m behind. I’m so, so, so behind. Forgive me, goddess of rock, for I have sinned.

I am astronomical levels of overdue for getting some good rock songs on Sharing The Goodness. This is the genre that all but defined my childhood (besides non-stop disco and bad europop) and I’ve got a proverbial pick-up truck to unload over the next few posts. Let’s get this show on the road!

Check out my last post where I looked at alternative R&B and soul if rock doesn’t do it for you!

valerie june shakedown

1. “Shakedown” by Valerie June

A new reoccurring favorite on Sharing The Goodness, Valerie June continues to impress with her iconic pipes and musical flair. ‘Shakedown’ is a song I’d love to hear at an outdoor porch party and, come to think of it, I really should throw one of those once I actually get a porch. It’s lively, charming and just a little on the short side — perfect for constant repeats while enjoying an evening drink. At least, I think.

A bit of bluegrass, a bit of classic rock, there’s a little bit for everyone to love here. The lyrics are simple, more for shuffling your feet than contemplating your navel, and I’m totally fine with that. …Have I also mentioned I love her fashion sense? Because I really do. Valerie June somehow strikes this tender balance between old-fashioned and modern with one of the most incredible hairstyles around. Short and sweet, you need to get this woman on your playlists pronto. It’s the least you can do!

Feel it when you sing it

That shakedown breakdown showdown

tash sultana notion

2. “Notion” by TASH SULTANA

We got our bouncy and upbeat song in. Now for a tonal whiplash! We’re going to dip into the raw and unhinged emotions alternative rock is particularly good at with TASH SULTANA‘s ‘Notion’, somewhere between alternative, indie and acoustic on the rock-o-meter.

You’re more than welcome to skip this one if slow isn’t for you. If moody and intense works are your style, however, there’s a lot to get invested with here. With emotional vocals that go from stylistically grating to conventionally smooth at the drop of a hat, TASH SULTANA shows her biggest strength right off the bat. The outro is incredibly raw, the lead singer wrenching out every last drop of pain she’s got in her repertoire, and something that made my repeat finger itch the first, second and fiftieth time.

How ’bout these notions

Hmm, they’re deep as ocean

opia falling

3. “Falling” by Opia

Mm. This guitar riff is everything. I’m listening to this after a browsing session, nodding a little at its intro and wondering what it has to offer…then bam. I’ve got something I just have to share.

I’d love to hear this song playing in a commercial or movie trailer. Not that it’s highly commercialized in its sound — far from it — but it’s the kind of piece that makes you sit up and pay attention. There’s a delightful sense of acceptance and dawning realization throughout the hook, which makes sense considering the subject matter. The lyrics explore the moment a person accepts they’ve fallen for another person…as well as the fact it’s not exactly a healthy love to begin with. It’s stylistically lazy to start with, like the entire piece is waking up from a nap, only to suddenly go full tilt into spontaneous, lively goodness. I haven’t heard other songs by this group yet, but this is a fantastic first impression.

Lost in cliché

One fragile phrase has got me falling for ya


4. “Boy Bandz” by Post Malone

Post Malone?” You might be saying. “An up and coming hip-hop artist in my alternative rock list?” Now, hear me out! While he does tend to stay pretty firmly in the realm of low-key hip-hop and rap, he’s branched out quite enough in his sound with ‘Boy Bandz’ I’d be completely remiss not to put it on here.

Even the video, which I wouldn’t call by any stretch of the imagination ‘creative’, still does a good job of conveying the peculiarly specific atmosphere ‘Boy Bandz’ brings to the table. It sounds like an introspective evening. It feels like you’re looking out at the nightlights flickering in the city below you. I’ve got nothing but praise for songs that recreate a certain mood and, despite this guy being more well-known than I usually put on the list, I had to stick it on. With a lovely guitar sample and smooth production, ‘Boy Bandz’ is also a shortie and a goodie.

I got N’Sync dancing on my neck

And these Cubans cost a motherfucking check


5. “To The Top” by Twin Shadow

If you’ve played Tales From The Borderlands, you probably know this song by heart and sing it every time you take a shower. If you haven’t, well. I’m not about to let you miss out on this fantastic alternative glam-rock piece by Twin Shadow.

This song is Journey levels of hype. You flick it on and suddenly feel like you can achieve anything. Even if that anything is just getting out of bed and making that sandwich you’ve been putting off. The chorus is uplifting right from the start, the build-up is steady and the hook will soon get stuck in your head and never leave. If you’re craving something that would be comfortable in the late 80’s as well as 2K, you need to seek out Twin Shadow and level up your life.

I don’t want to move ’til this stops

Go back to the top

Like anything you hear? Got any suggestions? Stay tuned for the next Sharing The Goodness where I’ll be doubling back into alternative, folk and lounge!

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