,I’m an American-based B2B copywriter and digital marketer in the beverages niche (coffee, tea and alcohol). I also have a vested interest in wholesale goods, health/wellness, and sustainability.

Below are the copywriting services I offer: these can be provided individually or combined into a package with my content writing services or illustration and photography services.

You can find my published work in my niche on Drink Stack.

Featured ArticleS, Lists Or Reviews

Some topics can’t be broken down into layman’s terms. When you have an industry issue, concept or angle that needs fleshing out, I’ll provide you with a polished piece that attracts attention. Featured articles are useful for inciting action and building trust.

These will be matched with SEO keyword research, repurposing tips, and interlinking to improve your search rankings.

Shortform (500-1,000) — starting at $150

Longform (1,500-2,000 words) — starting at $300

Extensive (2,500-3,500 words) — starting at $500


Your first impression is everything.

When a single typo can make your business look unprofessional, you can’t afford anything less than the best. I provide polished web copy that summarizes the who, what and why of your brand.

These include (but are not limited to) about pages, contact pages, employee bios, landing pages and service pages.

One Page (300-500 words) — starting at $300


We all lead busy lives. Give your prospects the information they need to know at a glance when they’re considering what to buy.

I provide concise product descriptions that craft a helpful overview to the casual browser and repeat customer alike. These are outfitted with relevant keywords to ensure visitors find your wares easily.

Depending on your needs these summaries can be technical, simple or tell a story: whatever is needed to show off your business’s best side.

Starting at $150


Email marketing offers the highest ROI for the lowest cost, allowing businesses to keep repeat customers updated and bring in new customers at no additional cost to them.

I offer several layers of the email marketing experience to ensure your business is enjoying a high click rate and regular engagement. Your lead generation email is what hooks your primary audience, while regular announcements, specials and behind-the-scenes peeks keep them coming back for more.

Lead generation email (includes subject line and landing page copy) — starting at $500

Short general announcement — starting at $300

Long general announcement — starting at $500


You don’t have time to write and edit everything. This is where quality ghostwriting comes in.

I have a flexible writing voice that adapts neatly to major and minor details, from specific tones to your unique idiosyncrasies. This service is provided with a detailed writing brief and several editing stages to ensure not a single element is overlooked.

Starting at $300 per blog post

Long-term project prices to be discussed