So Many YouTube Channels, So Little Time: DYNMK’s Enigmatic Approach To Music

I promote a lot of music on Sharing The Goodness. But where do I find half this stuff?

A big chunk comes from casual browsing. Yet more come from recommendations and chance encounters. A significant amount, however, I find through music channels — the accounts on YouTube devoted to uploading music in certain genres (or sometimes all genres) to share the goodness on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are a ton I return to on the regular to whet my artistic appetite and set the tone for my day — today we’ll be taking a look at what makes DYNMK a musical stand-by.

For those looking for other music-related content, check out my past Sharing The Goodness posts — I have music video reviews, song lyric breakdowns and song round-ups in various genres.

Lovers of ambient, electronica and R&B…you’ve found your treasure trove. I happened upon DYNMK over a year ago and have found myself returning time and time again in search of the next song that has me melting in my seat. Even better? There’s plenty to sink your teeth into whether you’re a casual listener or a music buff. Steady uploads, a consistent tone and the perfect balance between variety and theme go a long way in making this channel stand out.

I also only just realized that DYNMK is an abbreviation of ‘dynamic’. Damn it, me.

dynmk 2

Thanks to DYNMK I’ve discovered incredible upcoming artists like Tara Carosielli, Sofi de la Torre and 6lack. Sometimes they’ll feature an artist multiple times, like Darci, though they have a fair amount of diversity for those eager for new names on their playlists. Some of my absolute favorites have already been featured on Sharing The Goodness, while others are well on the to-do list.

You can get your dark electronica vibes with Anuka‘s “Psychadelic Addict”…

Invest in a moody club track like Darci‘s ‘Some Say’…

Or get sultry with 6.AM‘s impressive first single, ‘Later On’.

THEY.‘s ‘What You Want’ is a pleasant change in the formula, sounding straight out of a Fast And Furious movie with its background chatter and lively acoustic.

Then you have delicate and minimalist R&B tracks like VNCHY and Love Mansuy‘s ‘Not Sure’.

There are so many fantastic examples to choose from I could barely contain myself to just five. It’s a channel with a strong focus, yet there’s just enough variety to keep things, for lack of a better play on words, dynamic.

Music channels often pair up songs with photography to create a fuller experience (though quite a few opt for the same handful of images with their logo slapped on top). The aesthetic here pairs perfectly — many of the accompanying photos are washed out, if not straight-up black-and-white, and go for visual mystery to fit the enigmatic, sexy and sometimes spooky nature of many of the tracks. Faces are almost always hidden and sometimes a little grain or a blurred filter is thrown on for extra atmosphere.

On the flipside, the photography can get a little…stale. There are only so many times you can see someone sitting on a bed or standing in the middle of the frame or looking over their shoulder into the middle distance before you start wondering what else they have to offer such good music. The subject matter isn’t particularly inventive, either, and I’ve seen a handful of people in the comments section asking if the channel’s ever heard of a model that isn’t skinny, half-naked and half-asleep.

When it comes down to it, DYNMK has a certain look and a certain vibe that immediately comes to mind at the sound of their name. Call them many things, but you can’t accuse them of being inconsistent.

dynmk 3

More than a handful of tracks aren’t what I would call winners, either. I mentioned in my indie and shoegaze song round-up that every genre has its strengths and weaknesses. This channel has a touch more so, being less likely to rely on broad appeal to get it through weaker choices. Those that love eerie and chill and seductive songs have little to worry about here. Those that get bored easily might find themselves yawning more than bobbing their head.

If you’re not a fan of melodies that sometimes don’t seem to go anywhere, minimalist instrumentation or that super-slowed-down background vocal that’s in 80% of the uploads, you may want to steer away. If you want subject matter that talks about more than sex, clubbing and getting high? Consider that another notch. Lastly, don’t expect to hear too much jazz, rock or folk. Exceptions abound, of course, but this channel has a favored mood you’ll catch onto very quickly.

Does that make it a dealbreaker?

For me…not one bit. Hitting the skip button is inevitable no matter how broad or narrow your tastes and I’ve found more than enough stunning works of art to have me bouncing with glee every time they show up in the Recently Uploaded section of my YouTube account. Alongside regular song entries there are also hour-long playlists you can turn on when you’re not in the mood to shuffle, apparel on their official website and more social media accounts than you can shake a stick at.

dynmk 4

They update on a weekly basis and promote lesser-known artists with the occasional remix of a more popular musician (such as Beyoncé or Tinashe) thrown in for flavor. They’re sitting pretty with a solid 490K followers, though there have still been a few times where I’ve asked, “Why the hell doesn’t this song have more views?!” You can change that by keeping it simple and checking DYNMK out on Youtube.

A dollop of enigma a day keeps the boredom at bay. Consider me a fan.

Like what you’re seeing? Got any suggestions for future content? Sharing The Goodness will continue on with more song round-ups and channel reviews.

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