10 Questions with…Sylvan Esso

Love Sylvan Esso’s work. Lots of fun facts about their process here, though the best by far would have to be the origin of their band name!


Photo Credit: Trekky Records Photo Credit: Trekky Records

Today at All The Write Notes, we’re excited to have “10 Questions With” one half of  one of SPIN’s best bands of October, Sylvan EssoSylvan Esso is a collaboration between vocalist Amelia Meath and electronic musician Nick Sanborn. Amelia sat down to answer questions about inspiration, reading, and how they came to being Sylvan Esso.

For those new to the band… Where did the name Sylvan Esso come from?


There is a game, made by Super Bros. called Sword And Sworcery. Its an amazing game, Jim Guthrie did the soundtrack and the world is really lovely. Either way, in the game, if you are doing well, you meet a Sylvan Sprite. We named ourselves after them.

Favorite 1980’s band? Nervus Rex

Favorite book as a kid? Nick’s is Winnie The Pooh, and mine (Amelia)…

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