A Little Goes A Long Way: Give These Three Art Kickstarters A Fighting Chance

Another day, another round of fantastic independent projects that are just waiting to be given a chance. Fans of illustration, sequential art and crafts are going to find a lot to love in the list below. Even if you’re low on cash, a quick signal boost on your social media account can go a long way for creators who are looking to get their work out there!

For past Kickstarters that I’ve boosted, just click here and see what other cool creations could still use some of your help!

the sun and the wayward wind 2

1. The Sun And The Wayward Wind

The United States is a massive country…and with it, a massive amount of fascinating urban legends, folktales and local myths that are begging for a good re-imagining. The Sun And The Wayward Wind is a full-color comics and illustration anthology ready to transform how you look at the mundane and the fantastic.

With over two dozen comic teams and illustrators combining their strengths and perspectives, this is a compilation that’ll look brilliant on any shelf or coffee table.

boy bye project

2. The ‘BOY/BYE’ Project

When you want to combine your love for fashion with love for identity, you’ve got a little bit of everything in The ‘BOY/BYE’ Project. An amalgam of pins, stickers and prints that celebrate being a woman of color, you can touch up everything from your wardrobe to your notebooks.

Pastel colors and cute graphics provide a great contrast to the blunt and indifferent messages of women who just want to be left alone to go about their day. Sign me up.


3. Teething

Are you a fan of horror? How about incredible art with colors so rich you could practically weep? Teething is an ambitious project looking to bring you the full-color experience about a pair of young men trying to traverse a world that only gets more terrifying by the day. The premise is as vague as it is spooky and the visuals are nothing short of astounding.

Check out their Patreon here!

Remember, you don’t have to feel guilty when you’re low on cash. Instead a single dollar or quick retweet on Twitter can brighten a creator’s day and bring their dream a little closer to reality.

Check out their social media accounts here, here and here, respectively!

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