Got Some Spare Change? Check Out These Three Kickstarters That Need Your Help

Are you a fan of art books? How about speculative fiction that runs the gamut of fantasy to sci-fi? The Kickstarters below have anywhere from three weeks to just a week left to go and could use some of your spare change or signal boosting to see completion.

(For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, here’s an overview — it’s a crowdfunding platform that sees thousands of projects completed every year, ranging from small zines to short films to fashion movements. Unlike Indiegogo, it operates on an all-or-nothing approach. Unless the target goal for the project is met, it won’t receive its funding. This is what makes spreading the word so important!)

Without further ado…


1. Uncanny Magazine – Disabled People Destroy Science-Fiction

Filled to the brim with talented writers and boasting some impressive covers done by illustration heavyweights such as Julie Dillon and Galen Dara, Uncanny Magazine has done some serious work carving out its identity in a sea of competition. Winner of the legendary Hugo Award and exceeding over a dozen issues of their compilation work, this one puts an emphasis on exploring disability in the realm of fiction.


2. Tournesol – Geneva B. Artbook

Do candy colors, curly hair and adorably designed characters ring a bell? Then perhaps you’ve seen Geneva B.’s art floating around the Internet. Featured on independent magazines like FIYAH and digital art publications like ImagineFX, Geneva B. is an artist with an incredible amount of style and a Kickstarter raring to show it off.


3. Immortal Souls (Power & Magic Press Anthology Series)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the second installment in the Power & Magic anthology. A compilation of beautiful comics by a plethora of unique and talented artists, this publication is already making waves in the art world. If you’re a fan of witches, the supernatural or fantasy in general, there’s plenty to dig here.

You can definitely consider me a little biased, as I did the cover for the first installment!

Got a social media account or two? You can find the creators on Twitter at here, here and here, respectively.

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